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ASE Certified, in good standing with BBB, consumer safe transmission repair in Chicago.

Better Business Bureau BBB Accredited Chicago Transmission Shop with an A Plus BBB Rating.

€śGladstone Park Chamber of Commerce Member, Tramcar, Northwest Side Chicago Transmission Repair and Service.

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Choosing an Honest, Ethical Transmission Repair Facility Call (312)409-8021 to learn how to protect yourself from transmission rip-offs in Chicago

Whether you drive a domestic (Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Jeep, or Chevrolet (Chevy)) or an import (BMW, Mercedes, Honda, or Lexus), whether it has a five or six speed manual (clutch) tranny, or an automatic transmission, a properly working transmission or gearbox is essential to the operation of what may be one of your largest investments.

Transmission failure, or even transmission maintenance, can be one of the most confusing services a consumer needs to purchase. Since most consumers don't have the time to study the operation of their transmission, you may delay in even having their transmission fluid changed, for the fear a few unscrupulous transmission shops have caused. This fear intensifies when you encounter transmission problems, like slipping, leaking or hear noises from your differential or axles.

The following tips are good guidelines, compiled by experienced, certified, Chicago transmission repair specialists, intended to help consumers avoid being mislead or misdiagnosed by the many less-than ethical transmission repair shops in a large market like Chicago.

These tips summarize our Chicago Transmission Repair Consumer Hotline at (312)409-8021. Call 24 hours to get an in depth explanation of how to choose a good transmission shop.

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Call (312)409-8021 to learn how to protect yourself from transmission rip-offs in Chicago


The Four Costly Misconceptions   <TOP>

  1. "I need a new transmission." You don't always need a new transmission. With the advancement of computers and electronics, many transmission problems are not in the transmission at all, but could be an external sensor or switch. Tramcar Transmission, in Chicago, can accurately diagnose and repair that transmission problem and possibly save you hundreds of dollars on the transmission repair.
  2. "I'll call around for the best price." The first question most consumers ask is now much does a rebuilt transmission cost? But the fact of the matter is no honest and ethical shop can give you an accurate transmission repair price quote over the phone. A transmission repair technician must test drive, examine, and diagnose the transmission problem before the transmission shop can give an accurate repair estimate. TRAMCAR Transmission will not give you a low transmission repair estimate on the phone, then jack-up the price when you get there.
  3. "The large national franchise transmission shops are the best choice." Large franchise transmission shops such as Aamco Transmission don't always offer the best value. You see many of these large franchise transmission shop companies are very good at selling franchises, however that doesn't mean that they are very good at repairing transmissions. Our staff has over eighty years of combined transmission service experience.
  4. "All transmission repair facilities are the same." Not unless the shop you choose constantly trains to keep current with transmission technology, employs Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified automotive repair technicians, and uses current transmission diagnostic and transmission repair equipment.

Learn more about these transmission repair misconceptions at (312)409-8021

Time Saving Suggestions  <TOP>

  1. Ask your friends and neighbors in Chicagoland what transmission repair shops have treated them well. Over seventy-five percent of Tramcar Transmission's business is from referrals.
  2. Choose a transmission repair shop that has many repeat customers.
  3. Choose an established transmission repair shop. TRAMCAR Transmissions has been in the same location and under the same ownership for thirty-one years.

Learn more about these suggestions at (312)409-8021

Seven Questions to Ask a Transmission Repair Facility  <TOP>

  1. Does the transmission repair shop offer a full, lifetime ownership warranty for the work performed? TRAMCAR, Chicago Transmission Service and Repair--YES!
  2. If the transmission repair shop offers an estimate over-the-phone, without examining the car, will they put it in writing and guarantee the price? TRAMCAR knows it is impossible to give an honest quote without examining the car.
  3. Does the shop offer free transmission problem diagnosis? TRAMCAR, Chicago Transmission Service and Repair--YES!
  4. Does the shop have ASE-certified (Automotive Service Excellence) technicians? TRAMCAR, Chicago Transmission Service and Repair--YES!
  5. Does the shop have up-to-date equipment for diagnosing and repairing your transmission? TRAMCAR, Chicago Transmission Service and Repair--YES!
  6. Will the transmission repair shop provide you with a list of satisfied customers? TRAMCAR, Chicago Transmission Service and Repair--YES!
  7. Does the transmission repair shop have any current complaints against it with the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General, or other consumer-affair agencies? TRAMCAR, Chicago Transmission Service and Repair--NO!

Learn more about these questions at (312)409-8021

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